About the TPHC


Each year, we walk together in the face of adversity as we navigate policy, health disparities, economic burdens, and social inequity. Each year lifts us up, pulls us down, propels us forward and holds us back… but we continue to remain resilient, gaining ground, because we truly believe in the work we do and carry with us the passion and desire to lift our communities and our Native people to healing and prosperity.

We embrace cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary, and inter-jurisdictional collaborative frameworks in order to wholly address health disparities. We walk together as one with our tribes, and are honored to join together with our state, federal, and local community partners to find solutions to each year’s tribal public health challenges.

Whether through small or great efforts, we are all called to serve and we will continue that servanthood with all of our talented and amazing partners in Indian Country to honor the past, navigate the present, and to prepare for the next seven generations.


Each year, our conference features speakers who are experts in their field of tribal public health work. We are honored to highlight cultural knowledge systems featuring tribes from all across Indian Country.


Attendees from a variety of backgrounds will have meaningful conversations about health issues that they’re passionate about. Opportunities for attendees to connect through virtual meet-ups, discussion topics, and social groups will be available when our virtual platform goes live.


Each year, our sponsors and exhibitors bring helpful information to distribute to those attending the event. Learn helpful resources in the community and find new ways to collaborate with other tribes, tribal leaders, and health organizations.


We’re working to bring forward solutions to our most pressing tribal public health challenges. Conference tracks include, but are not limited to …

  • Gender Based Health (all identities)
  • Alcohol, Tobacco, and other drugs
  • Culturally Inclusive Public Health
  • Climate Change Solutions and Environmental Health Solutions
  • Elder Health
  • Epidemiology and Data

Questions about the conference?